Transition Time series has been created in 2014, a year of non-return for Russia. The premonition of something heavy ahead had been felt at the time. Anxiety, caused by the transition to another reality was the main feeling of the period. The change that was coming was seen as a dark, yet unknown materia of time or space, something that was calling backwards to the depths of fears and control, that were leading towards the destruction of natural and original appearances of people, their sincerity, purity and openness. Transition was felt as if the light was searching for something hidden in darkness. Although the search was necessary the consequences were fatal and influenced the next years ahead until the beginning of 20’s. The shades of darkness influenced not only reality but also inner selves of people, causing blindness of their inner vision and blurring their worldviews. Transition Time series is a visualization of the change that was not expected, though was necessary but that was also caused by the shift to hyper – controlled media reality where ‘glass houses’ were built. Transparency of such “mediated avatars” uncovered the transition that has figured out the human nature as both light and darkness in arbitrary combinations. Though this unrest is natural for us as species we can deal with it through our will and contemplation in search for purity and peace of our nature.