The only way to feel alive nowadays is to participate in a radical protest that leads to un-participation in social, political, economic, media contexts of modernity. Total decline of existent world order forms in “Presence”, a work that essentially is a protest against the contemporary protest itself and those essences against which it protests in modern societies. Pacifistic protest in our times is possible only through denial of common world and through the fight for distinctiveness within the inner work that leads to some sort of ‘hermitage’, which is though involved in reality. Thus, the work tells about the end of narratives and frees up the space of timelessness, a ‘universal space’, exposing the gaps of reality, keeping the purity of ‘Presence’ of something which defies manipulations of any contexts, ideologies, media, discourses and opinions. An image taken from the reality belongs still to reality thus saving the reality for itself. Photography in this case works neither as a mirror nor as a narrative, but as tool that uncovers a composition of emptiness. The source of this tool is not a narration, not History, but tension that liberates harmony through peering into a space that is unconquered, unaffected by society, technology or culture and that uncovers an essence of photography – the light.


On the other hand the project addressed not only to space but also to people, to humankind, peering into them through direct interaction out of any social constructs, ideas and definitions, out of labels imposed by society and out of formed, certain worldviews. Thus, “Presence” essentially is co-existence, the upcoming of a man to the other and to himself, and an ability to look with such optics, that still keep differences, but due to which they are being overcame, and that liberates a moment of true and at the same time very simple human interaction.