To avoid amorphous states it is necessary to be limited in surroundings, thoughts and feelings. But by accepting concrete forms we are affected by its influence, these forms are dictating our appearances and sometimes it is leading to automatism: we are having some standard and comfortable worldview and are satisfied with it. We are imprisoning ourselves in walls of imaginary or ruled by outer factors world and do not want to see anything apart common. But i do believe that people are able to change and can change the surrounding by changing themselves. By recognizing our inner limitations we are able to widen them.


This project is about conformism. It is about some ‘perfect room’ that is on one hand nothing more than an inner limit that provides hopelessness and despair by it’s quite concrete borders, that separates one ‘room’ from another, similar to the country’s borders, but on the other hand this ‘room’ is able to stop urban movement of the city and leave it beyond its limits. With time it can help to clarify and accept its forms and thus give a possibility to develop and grow the personality, acting from within.